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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

GODSOL Redesign and New Banner!

Hi folks! I've wanted to redesign the look of the blog for a long time. While I have some artistic talent, I have not, and have never been, a designer. I shoot from the hip: I'm so excited about getting to the content, that it doesn't make sense to me to waste time on the window dressing. Of course, this is crazy. The rest of the world obsesses about design, and I've known that. I just never seem to have any time. Regardless, in getting my new banner, I tried multiple craigslist ads in two countries, and three states. I'd get people interested in it, but no one ever followed through. Since I wasn't offering any money, and since the money I could offer would be miniscule, it was finally suggested to me that I look for work already completed and ask permission for use. In my new career, I now have some access to graphic designers. I have not gotten permission to mention my designer, Naoko, by her full name, but if you like her work, I am happy to refer. The artwork however is by a fantastic, or should I say fantastique French artists, Sebastien Grenier. Sebastien granted me permission to use two images of his, and to combine them for the purposes of creating an awesome banner. Ultimately, I gave Naoko six images to work from.
I liked this image a lot, the colors, the brooding nature of Sebastien's Arawn.  But the character was front facing, and so was his awesome two-handed blade.  The battle scene below, was also particularly awesome, as are the titan-like creatures wielding the enormous, wickedly spiked maces.  I also liked the foreground, with it's panoply of armed creatures.  Still, moving these images around, in what is a very small space proved impossible.
Then there were the swords of light, which presented their own difficulties.  I found great swords, and great gals to wield them.  But few were in exactly the right position for a lengthwise web banner.  Ultimately, Naoko, chose two beautiful images, and then photoshopped them until they fit.  What do you think?  On the one hand, I miss the colors from some of the fire laced images.  However, given the dark colors of the new blog skin, I think the cold colors Naoko chose work well.  Excited for this blog's next chapters.  I have lots of good stuff in store!

So one final thank you to Sebastien Grenier and his beautiful art, and for his allowing me to use it.  And for the work of my wonderful designer.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Blog Word Cloud from Mathematica

Experimenting with my blog in Wolfram's Mathematica