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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Great Moments in Fantasy -- Paksenarrion Becomes a Paladin

Paksenarrion by Mandy Tsung
A fair amount of background is necessary for this great moment.  Note that while this is a spoiler, it may also be worth reading, regardless.  These are moments that define fantasy, and have intrinsic value.  If reading these snippets make you go and get the book, then surprise be damned.

This is from Elizabeth Moon's, The Deed of Paksenarrion, published first in 1988, though split into three novels. The story details the heroics of one Paksenarrion, a former sheep farmer's daughter, and paladin.  I will be reviewing this novel forthwith, but here is a taste of some of what this novel has to offer.

At the first instance, Paks is at the nadir of her relatively short life.  After having survived a number of harrowing challenges, and becoming known throughout the realm for her bravery, skill as a swords woman, and downright goodness, she has lost her way.  A variety of poorly healed wounds, and psychological damage have crippled her.  Lost, homeless, and starving, she finds herself at the glade of a Kuakgannir, a servant of mother nature.  He heals her, but doubts remain, will her pyschic wounds forever ban her from fighting for the cause of good?